Is running a marathon like running a business?

Is running a marathon like running a business?

During a conversation with my brother last Christmas while hiking, he mentioned he had completed a half marathon during that year.  He inspired me years earlier to start 5km weekly Park Run experiences.

I thought, a half marathon…. approximately four Park runs in a row should be easy enough…

Well, in February I registered for the half marathon.  After hitting a physical and mental wall around the 17km mark and jogged and shuffled my way through the last 4 kms my thoughts were, that this would be my one and only long-distance effort.

At about the 19km mark and with a couple of kms to go, my running partner suggested, shall we do the full marathon next?  I didn’t know if he was serious, crazy or delirious!  I felt at that moment that a marathon was so far beyond my abilities.

We completed the half marathon, and after recovery I continued training with my running coach (Naomi) and she said, “you can do it!”, you could complete a marathon!

I continued training with my coach and running partner, others helped me make sure I was prepared physically and mentally.

We registered for the event and while it got a bit challenging around the 32km mark, we stuck together and took it a bit slower, then we eventually crossed the line.

It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment, to complete the 42.2km event.  I even placed 3rd in the event. (Out of the 3 registered marathon participants on the 4th May 😁)

Have you ever had discussions with friends or family that put some idea in your head?

  • You should start a business?
  • Why don’t you take over your retiring bosses’ business?
  • You will achieve all your financial dreams and
  • You will have great flexibility in life?

Then, we start in business not really aware of what the end may look like…the finish line.

While statistics change, it is well documented that about 60% of small business will not succeed beyond 3 years.

Here are a few tips that helped me complete the marathon, they can also apply to running a business and can apply to life:

  • Coaches, professionals and mentors are great support before and during the journey
  • Nutrition & sustenance before and along the way – sufficient cashflow and profitability
  • Preparing the body fitness and stamina – business plan, vision and goals
  • It is not a sprint but an endurance event – Celebrate the milestones along the way.

While it felt great to accomplish, it is good to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

If interested, in a similar message how running a marathon is like running a business click below – it might just help you get started on your marathon……

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